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What A Day Is Like, According To A Child, Will Change Your Perspective As A Mom

November 09, 2017

Stay-at-home moms have a lot on their plates. They are responsible for so much including maintaining the house, caring for all the children, and so much more. The days can seem mundane, boring, and routine, but from the perspective of a child, it can be magical. For this mom, the day began like any other. She has two small children so she started her day as most moms do - with a large cup of coffee.  

There were so many things that went wrong from there - from her toddler’s nightmares to kids fighting over toys, and the icing on the cake was when her oldest dropped the cake on the kitchen floor.

Her husband got home from work and asked her how her day was and she spewed out how it was just a typical hard day, and replayed all the things that went wrong, in her mind, through the day.

Then the dad asked his daughter how her day was and that's where the magic came in; she began to tell her dad all about her day from her perspective and how wonderful it was.

Sometimes in life, we allow stress and worry to consume our lives instead of allowing the little things that go wrong in our day to open our eyes to the joys of life. When the cake spilled on the kitchen floor, the mom initially was upset but turned it into an opportunity for her and her daughter to have fun. Life should be silly and adventurous and fun. Look for the opportunities in your day to relax and enjoy the ride of life. Click here to watch the full video.

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