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Who Will Reign When The Queen Passes? ‘Secret Talks’ Are Hinting At Someone Other Than Prince Charles or Prince William

February 20, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II has been in succession since February 6, 1952. At 66 years, she is the longest sovereign in the history of the British monarchy. Now, The Queen is 91 years old, and while she has no public illnesses, country leaders are planning for a future without Queen Elizabeth.

Currently, the line of succession looks like this: The Queen’s firstborn, Prince Charles. After that is her grandson, Prince William, then her great-grandson, Prince George. While the apparent heirs to the crown are listed out quite responsibly, things don’t always go as planned.

Currently, The Queen wears several crowns- no pun intended. She holds over 41 official international titles as well as six noble titles. They are Queen of United Kingdom, Head of Commonwealth, Lord of Mann, Monarchy of Antigua and Barbuda, Queen of New Zealand, and Monarchy of Belize.

Whoever is her successor will inherit those titles. But then again, they may not...

Recently, the title for “The Head of Commonwealth” has been a topic of discussion. The Commonwealth refers to the intergovernmental organization of 53 states. One would assume that whoever takes over The Queen’s current titles would also take over as The Head of Commonwealth, however, officials are considering a different route.

Secret talks have to lead to the understanding that officials are looking for a wider governance. As of now, Prince Charles will only inherit the title of 15 of the 53 states. However, he is not guaranteed to take on all of her responsibilities.

As of right now, there is no one to take over as The Head of The Commonwealth, and we can only assume the next head. What are your guesses? Prince William and Prince Charles shared leadership? Multiple officials? Prince Harry?

All we can be sure of in the line of succession is the Crown of England, but her other titles may be up for grabs… Only time will tell.

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