What Do You Do When Your Best Friend Is A Baby KANGAROO? You Have The BEST Time Of Your Life! [VIDEO]

May 10, 2017

Everyone needs a best friend! A friend that you can do everything with and share everything with! Best friends are indispensable and we cherish them when we find them! But, what do you do when you find a best friend that is a bit out of the ordinary? Just ask Jackson and his best friend; a baby kangaroo named Damian! 

When Jackson and Damian first met, no one could have predicted the bond they would share! If you looked at Jackson, a strong and intimidating figure that worked construction, you might never have guessed that he turned into a cuddle bug when he went home to his friend Damian! 

Jackson began taking Damian everywhere! He would take her to the park and push her on the swings and even took her to the beach to build sand castles; Damian only seemed interested in wrecking Jackson's castle though! 

Jackson would even take Damian to the store with him, where people obviously wanted pictures and had a lot of questions! Even on the worksite Jackosn and Damian would have the best time, especially when they took their lunch breaks! 

At the end of the day, Jackson would take Damian home for a nice bottle and a bit of snuggle time! Needless to say, Jackson has found himself an adorable best friend and they both seem to be living the best life ever! 

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