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Childhood Best Friend Reveals The Wonderful Truth Behind Kate And Meghan’s Relationship

July 24, 2018

Now that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been sisters-in-law for a few months, everyone is naturally wondering about how they get along. Of course, every time we see them together they are acting cordial with one another, sharing a laugh and a smile.

But they are both consummate professionals and know the importance of putting on a good front for the world, so we have to wonder, Can we really trust our own eyes?

Sure we have body language experts who speak about ’the evidence’ and give a firm thumbs-up on the nature of the royal ladies’ friendship. And, although we admit we love hearing that, we can't help but think it would be just a bit more convincing if we heard it from someone who really knows the Duchess of Cambridge and can read the subtle cues she gives off.

And almost from the moment Meghan came onto the scene there have been rumors circulating that the two are more like bitter rivals than best friends. In light of all the negative press, it seemed time to put the rumors to rest and get to the bottom of it.

Well, we might just have the definitive answer to that mystery, and it comes from the mouth of someone who should know: Kate’s childhood best friend, Jessica Hay, who tells ‘New Idea’ that what you see is what you get! I like the sound of that!!

36-year-old Hay gives us some insight as to what the sisters-in-law were really talking about at Wimbledon when the two made their first public outing together without their husbands in tow, and it's pretty much what we've been hoping all along.

"Kate absolutely adores Meghan and says that she’s an extremely special soul," Ms. Hay told New Idea in an exclusive interview. She goes on to say, "At the tennis the other day, they were watching for the love of the game and Meghan very much wanted to support longtime pal, Serena Williams."

And although body language experts suggest that Meghan "idolizes Kate" the feeling just might be mutual.

‘While Kate sits smiling as she watches the tennis, Meghan face-checks her closely in what looks a little like admiration."

And Kate's friend, Jessica, certainly agrees. "Meghan is a breath of fresh air – Kate has a female confidante and best friend who is also a part of the family."

It seems almost too good to be true that the wives of Prince Harry and Prince William get along every bit as well as the very-close brothers so, but that is exactly what we are hearing. And we couldn’t be more overjoyed by the news!


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