What Starts Out As A Romantic Beach Wedding Quickly Becomes A Heroic Rescue Mission To Save A Fisherman's Life

November 15, 2017

A person's wedding day is, typically, unforgettable all on its own. A wedding day, however, is not without its fair share of twists and surprises, no matter much careful planning goes into it. Not many people no this fact better than JoAnne and Aaron Easterbrook. The happy couple's wedding day is sure to be talked about for years to come, but it may because of some very peculiar and heroic circumstances.

The big day arrives for JoAnne and Aaron, and the couple is eager to celebrate their union with all of their friends and family. To make the day even more perfect, the couple decide to have their wedding and reception on the beach, so as to take in the natural beauty of the ocean. The ceremony goes beautifully and, of course, is sealed with a kiss from the Bride and Groom. Before the wedding party heads to the reception, they head down to the water for pictures, and this is where things take a rather dramatic turn.

As they make their way down a set of stairs, two of the groomsmen see a small fishing boat, a good distance away from the shore. As they watch, the groomsmen see the boat capsize, which throws the fisherman inside the boat into the cold water around him. The two men call out to the fisherman, asking if he is alright, but the man cannot answer because he is trying to keep his head above the water. Seeing that the man is drowning, the two groomsmen run towards the water, all the while stripping their clothes off in preparation to swim.

The groomsmen dive into the water and swim as fast as they can towards the drowning fisherman. They reach him just in time, and they bring him back to shore to recuperate. Then the guys head back out into the water to see if they can retrieve the man's boat. The boat is nearly completely underwater by the time they reach it, and it is much too heavy for just the two men to get back to shore. Luckily, two other men join them in their attempt to save the boat. With all four men working together, they slowly but surely drag the sunken boat back to shore.

Everyone in attendance cheers for the heroic groomsmen as they bring the boat to rest next to the fisherman. The man thanks them for their willingness to help and departs the scene, wet and shaken, but alive nonetheless. The groomsmen head over to the reception, where they enjoy the festivities with everyone else, only they have to spend the rest of their night in the dryest clothing that they have; their underwear and t-shirts.

JoAnna jokes that the ordeal took a lot of stress and pressure off of herself and Aaron that day because all the cameras and attention was focused on the rescue, even if only for a few minutes. Everyone at the reception can't stop talking about the unexpected turn of events, but the groomsmen are just happy they could help. By the end of the night, the focus is back on the Bride and Groom as they drive away, but when people talk about JoAnna's and Aaron's wedding in the future, chances are they will have to mention the daring rescue that nearly stole the show! You can check out the rescue attempt in the video below!


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