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What This Teacher Does For One Student Who's Being Teased Is Above And Beyond The Norm

October 09, 2017

A third-grade teacher named Kinsie Johns made a huge difference in one of her students lives at Anette Winn Elementary School. One day Mrs. Johns Found out about a concerning situation that was happening in her classroom. Mrs. Johns found out that one of the girls in her class was being teased, so she came up with a plan to stop the teasing in its tracks.


The very next day she walks into her classroom and all the kids are stunned. This is what she posted on her Facebook page, "She told me yesterday that some students were making fun of her hair and picking on her. So, after a little planning with her and a written reminder on my hand, today, we showed up with the same hair just to prove a point. It's okay to be different." "Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?" - Dr. Seuss


The next day after Mrs. Johns and her student showed up with matching hair, her students turn the shock on them when they came in the next day all wearing, "space buns' causing the original little girl with space buns to be a trendsetter.

"The little point I was trying to make turned into a huge support for my little friend. All the girls in my class are wearing their hair in 'space buns' and even some of the boys got involved! They all wanted to support her and we even got some second graders involved!"

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