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What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish Says About Your Personality

November 09, 2017

The Thanksgiving meal is full of my favorite flavors, colors, and smells. There is something so comforting about the robust aromas of sage, thyme, and rosemary, accompanied with the beautiful fall colors and cooler weather, all wrapped up in smiles and laughs that come from special family moments. In my opinion, Thanksgiving is the perfect combination of all your senses.

You probably have a favorite dish in mind for this special meal- I know I do! But have you ever wondered what your beloved side dish says about you? Believe it or not, your favorite Thanksgiving side actually has quite a lot to say about your personality! Take a gander at the list below to see if it’s accurate or not!

• Sweet Potato Casserole- You’re a softy and sweetheart! You appreciate the little things in people that make life fun, unique, and full of surprise. The holidays are special to you because all of your favorite people get to come together to laugh, love, and create special memories.

• Creamy Mashed Potatoes- You appreciate the simple things in life! You don’t a lot to be feel comforted and you don’t need a lot to feel love. You’re easy to get along with and you love all things cozy.

• Stuffing- You’re the glue that binds people together. While most people wouldn’t have the energy to connect with different types of people, you do! You recognize the small things in people and encourage them to shine. You also spent a lot of time on others and tend to forget about yourself. This year, make sure you make some some time for you!

• Macaroni and Cheese- You’re all about the rich things in life and you’re the perfect combo of sassiness, creativity, and determination. You hold family and loved ones closely and to high standards. While some people might be intimidated by you, you really just want the best for people!

• Green Bean Casserole- You’re traditional with a spicy side! You’re open to experiencing new and exciting things but you know better than most that mama taught you right. You’ve got standards and you don’t settle. Also, you’re always ready to make other people’s days easier.


• Roasted Veggies- You know what you like and some would even call you stubborn. There’s no denying that you go against the grain but it’s all good- you’re just doin’ you! You appreciate spontaneity, life experiences, and the people who encourage individuality!

• Cranberry Sauce- You are an old soul. You’re patient, you’re soft-spoken, and you’re always kind. You listen to others you enjoy quiet time. And like myself, you love that holiday season!

• Rolls- You enjoy life without guilt! While some people might look at some of your decisions in life and wonder “Why?’ All you see is opportunity to enjoy! You have no shame in your decisions.  

• Pumpkin Pie- You are all about love. You make people feel important and your truly see the gold in them. You rarely take time to slow down in life but when you do, it recharges you like nothing else. If you’re one of the few that eat the pie first, then you’re also an adventure! You believe life is a gift and you encourage everyone to see the opportunities it presents!

Well, I would say these are pretty accurate! What do you think?

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