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When A Farmer Came Out And Saw A Large Doe Staring At Him, He Never Realized What Was Really Going On

March 05, 2018

There’s nothing really more beautiful to watch than nature at it’s finest, especially when you get the chance to see wild animals, frolicking and free. Deer are some of the most beautiful of all, and it’s hard not to love watching them in their element. Unfortunately, as people encroach further and further into nature and their habitat is lost, we don’t get that chance very often.

In September 2015, in Michigan, Kevin Johnson came out his front door to find a large whitetail doe just watching him from the driveway. As he walked out, the doe fled and left him behind, his curiosity growing. It wasn’t until he got a look at his fence that he realized what the doe had been waiting for. There was a small doeling trapped in his fence!

She’d tried to jump over the fence like her mom had, but her leg had become trapped and she was in desperate need of his help. Kevin approached the frightened animal and with a pair of wire clippers, they were able to free her from what could have been a horrible death! She was lucky enough to run enough without an ounce of hesitation, leaving nothing behind but Kevin’s video!