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When All Hope Seems Lost For This Beautiful Horse, One Man Stops At Nothing To Save The Day

November 16, 2017

There are some days that are just easier when there is a helping hand offered to us. This fact is the same in both the animal world and the human race, but it is when a helping hand is extended across the lines that separate these two worlds that something magical takes place. This is beautifully on display when it comes to one mother horse that is in desperate need of assistance, one dreary afternoon.

While out in the countryside, some people notice that there are two horses off in the distance. The people decide to get a closer look and make their way towards the animals. When they are close enough, the people realize that the two exquisite animals are, in fact, a mare and her colt. Upon further inspection, however, they realize that there is something wrong with the mother horse.

The mare refuses to stand up, even with the encouragement of her colt. The reason for the refusal is the fact that all four of the mare's legs are stuck, deeply, in thick mud. The colt tries everything it can to free its mother, but it is no use; the mare is in peril, and it seems there is no hope for rescuing her. The people refuse to give up on the mother, however, and they call in some professionals to see what they can do.

Soon a member of The Royal Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, or RSPCA for short, arrives on the scene. The man knows that if he isn't able to free the horse, the mare will surely die. This, of course, is not an option to the animal lover. The man approaches the horse cautiously, so as not to frighten it and run the risk of making the mare sink further into the mud. The man then sits down next to the horse and lays the animal's head in his lap.

The man strokes the mare's head in a soothing manner, talking gently to the animal to keep her calm. While he does this, the man begins digging into the mud with his free hand. This process takes some time but, eventually, the horse's legs are free. The little colt seems to know that his mother is safe because the little horse takes off running in circles, obviously overcome with hysterical joy.

The mare doesn't seem to know that she is no longer bound by her muddy confinement, so the man gives her a gentle nudge and some encouragement. The horse slowly stands up, being careful to find her footing since she hasn't used her legs for the entire day. She takes a few uncertain steps next to her child, and then the two take off into the field. The man doesn't need a thank you because, in the end, he knows his efforts kept a family together, and that is more than enough for him. Multiple lives change on this day, all because one person is willing to extend a helping hand when no one else would!

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