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When Asked About Future Kids, Prince Harry Gave The Most Unpredictable Answer Imaginable. Now, People Are Questioning Everything

July 11, 2018

From the moment Harry met Meghan, the world has been in a complete tizzy. Their lifestyles and backgrounds could not have been more opposite, but it appears that, in this case, opposites definitely attract.

Since the breaking of their engagement, they’ve been one of the most talked about couples on the planet - and it’s easy to see why!

Meghan has had to undergo some serious “royal 101” training over the past several months. Her new role as Duchess is far different than the actress roles she’s had while living in California. To the surprise of many, she’s a complete natural and continues to win the hearts of everyone she meets.

Now that they’ve been married for a whole two months, there’s one massive question weighing on everyone’s mind. They’ve been asked time and time again, always leaving many with the hopes of having one particular answer.

The burning question is likely one you’ve thought of as well - When are they going to start a family?

Both the Duke and Duchess have made it abundantly clear that they both adore children and do have plans to have a family of their own, but that’s not a good enough answer for most.

Knowing that they do, in fact, want children, many want to know what the hold up may be. They also are wondering what they’re dream number of children is.

In an interview near the end of 2017, Harry was questioned about children. He said, “You know, one step at a time. Hopefully, we’ll start a family in the near future.”

While Meghan and Harry happily greeted fans during their visit to Dublin, Ireland, one devout royal fan stepped up to the plate to straight out ask the Duke about children.

When meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Elaine Adam-Stewart boldly asked, “My husband also has red hair and he gave me five children - when are you and Meghan going to get going?”

His answer was nothing like she was expecting to hear. Prince Harry laughed and replied, “Five children? Too many.”

With that information, we now know that the Duke and Duchess have sincere plans to start a family in the “near future”, but it appears as though a large family is off the table for the royal duo. Nevertheless, we know that their offspring will be absolutely precious additions to the royal household!


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