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When Beachgoers Saw THIS On The Shore They FROZE! The RESCUE That Followed Is AMAZING! [VIDEO]

April 06, 2017

When beachgoers in Chatham, Massachusetts set out for a day in the sun they were not expecting to find a SHARK on the beach! 

In an attempt to catch seagulls a juvenile great white shark beached itself on the shore! 

Onlookers did not know what to do; the shark was still writhing and fighting, desperately trying to get back to the water! 

At one point the shark stopped moving and onlookers thought it had died; the harbor masters began to throw water on the shark which revived it! 

Because sharks need to swim in order to breath the harbor masters had to work fast in order to save the helpless shark. 

Quickly attaching a rope to shark's tail fin and attaching the other end to a motor boat, the rescuers were able to drag the shark back to the water. 

The shark was still unresponsive so the rescuers tired helping it by moving it's tail fin to let it know it was back home in the water. 

The shark seemed to be breathing but refused to move. 

So, the rescuers tagged the shark and tied another rope around it. 

Jumping into the boat, the rescuers held onto the shark and drove the boat alongside it, helping it along as it regained it's willingness to swim! 

These good Samaritans went above and beyond to make sure this helpless creature found it's way home! 

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