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When Dad Makes Her Leave The Dog Park Early, Adorable Boxer Makes Her Feelings Quite Clear In The Cutest Tantrum I've Ever Seen.

June 15, 2017

Everyone knows that dogs are always right. At least that's how it feels anyway. My dog, Donald Weasley, seems to think he runs the house. And if I am honest with myself, he does. If he wants to go for a walk, we go for a walk. If he wants food, he gets to choose the food he eats. And I can never say no to a good wrestling match with him. The dog in this story seemed to think she ran the show, just like my dog. Her owner apparently didn't get the memo.


It was just another day at the dog park. An adorable boxer was having the time of her life in her favorite spot. She could have spent hours playing in the grass, but her owner had other plans. Apparently, her owner had a very important game to watch and made the adorable dog leave her beloved dog park early.

Once they got into the car, the dog did not wait long to make her opinion about the situation known. Apparently, this pup was not a fan of the silent treatment because she let loose with the funniest howls and noises of protest I have ever heard. Maybe next time her owner will think twice about cutting int her play time! WATCH the video below to see the hysterical temper tantrum!


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