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When Dixie Drops Her Human Off At School In The Mornings, Her Reaction Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

February 20, 2018

Gabriela always brings the family dog, Dixie, with her in the mornings when they drop her son, Joseph, off at school. Dixie and Joseph are the two best of friends, and they hate to be apart. When the time for school rolls around, Dixie knows what is coming and becomes quite sad. She can’t stand being apart from her beloved pal all day but knows he must go.

From the moment that they arrive at the school, Dixie begins to whine anxiously, knowing what is coming next. Gabriela is forced to hold Dixie back while Joseph climbs out of the truck, or else she would surely scamper after her beloved friend. She can’t help but be sad, knowing that she won’t be seeing him again for hours.

As they pull away, Dixie cries and begins to pace on the seat, hoping that they’ll go right back and pick him up. Gabriela does her best to calm Dixie down, but nothing seems to get through to her until she mentions that they’ll pick him later. At that, Dixie merely whines a little more before climbing into the front next to Gabriela. Their friendship is one of the truest and most beautiful things we’ve ever had the fortune to see.