When Faced With The Choice Of Buying Ice Cream Or Helping A Homeless Man, These Kids Impress Their Parents With Their Decisions

November 07, 2017

We have all heard it said that "It is more blessed to give than to receive." While everyone loves to receive gifts and surprises, it is only through causing someone else's happiness that you can truly appreciate anything that you receive. On this particular day, some parents decide to find out how their kids will respond when faced with a choice to either treat themselves or bless someone less-fortunate.

Four different parents decide to partner with "Hidden Heroes" to conduct a little experiment. Each of the parents walks down the street with their children, holding hands and having a great time. They round the corner and notice that there is an ice cream truck on the side of the road, not far from where they are. Each parent hands their child a one dollar bill and lets them go ahead of them to get their frozen treat.

When the children get to the truck, a difficult choice presents itself. The children look to their left and notice a homeless man sitting on the ground. The man is holding a sign that reads "Need money." Each child stops what they are doing, and each of them seems to be in some sort of moral dilemma. They want their ice cream, of course, but they also know that the homeless man needs the money more than they do. The parents look on in anticipation, waiting for their children to make their choices. The children do not disappoint.

One-by-one, the children make up their minds and take their dollar bills over to the homeless man. What is more, all of the children have smiles on their faces as they give their money away. The homeless man gratefully accepts the money, and the children run back to their smiling parents for high-fives and lots of hugs. All seems to be going well until one little girl makes an unexpected move.

Instead of going to the homeless man like the rest of the children, the little girl takes her money to the ice cream truck and gives her dollar to the man inside. The girl's dad looks on while the man in the truck completes the transaction. While he cannot blame his young daughter for wanting an ice cream, the dad is a little surprised at her choice. The girl receives her ice cream, and this is when she surprises her dad yet again.

Instead of taking a bite out of her frozen treat the little girl, with a smile on her face, takes the ice cream cone over to the homeless man. Apparently, she thinks the man will love ice cream, just as much as she does. The man smiles his biggest smile yet as he takes the ice cream from the little girl. The little angel runs back to her proud daddy and receives the biggest hug of her life. We can all learn a lot from these little ones. They prove that the sweetest treat of all is blessing someone else!

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