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When Faced With The Dreadful Question Of ‘Who Dun It?’, Pup Wastes No Time In Throwing Best Pal Under The Bus

March 02, 2018

Since the beginning of time, people have treated their pets as members of the family. They ensure their well being by always looking out for their best interest at heart. They converse with the dogs, taking their head nods and attentive ears as cues to their understanding.

Sometimes, we wish that our dogs could talk to us, even if just for a little while. Some dogs seem to be smart enough, though, that they can get their message across with no use of words whatsoever.

One owner found this to be very true. When they came home from running errands in town, they found their two adorable canines in quite a pickle. Spread all over the living room floor was cotton from a destroyed object. Beside the damage sat two very guilty looking dogs.

The owner immediately asked the question, “Who did it?” In a matter of seconds, one dog attempted to proclaim his innocence by throwing the other under the bus. He jumped up and put his paws on his sister’s back as if to say, “It was all her, Mom! I promise!”

We may never know just who the guilty pup might be, but if he’s being honest, the adorable pooch on the left just might be the innocent party. Check out the adorable video, below!


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