When Family Brought This Corgi Home They Had No Idea He Loved Baseball Even More Than Their Son Did

July 07, 2017

A dog is man's best friend. Baseball is America's favorite pastime. What happens when you put the two together? You get a cuteness overload! That is most definitely the case with the Corgi and the little boy in this story!

Noah, an adorable little boy, loved everything about baseball. He would spend hours in the backyard playing catch with his dad, perfecting his batting stance, and attempting to hit home runs over the fence. Noah thought he could not love anything as much as he loved baseball. Then he met Brutus.

Brutus was an adorable Corgi dog that Noah's parents adopted. Noah's parents brought Brutus home one afternoon as a surprise for Noah and the little lad could not contain his excitement when he saw the dog. Brutus also took to Noah immediately and the two were best friends in no time.

Noah loved hanging out with his new dog. The two would run around and play for hours on end. It looked like Noah's love for baseball had been replaced by the love he had for Brutus. But then, one afternoon, Noah decided to go out to the backyard to take a couple swings with his bat.

He set the ball up on his tee and swung. He hit a home run and celebrated. What Noah did not see was Brutus, watching his every move in amazement. When Noah turned around to see his dog watching him, he called the pup over. Brutus trotted over to see Noah, and Then Noah got an idea.

Noah put the ball on the tee again and swung. Sure enough, as soon as the ball left the tee, Brutus took off after it. Brutus brought the ball back again and again. The duo spent hours in the backyard playing their favorite game together. It looked like Noah did not have to choose between baseball or Brutus at all. He had the best of both worlds!

It did not matter if it was snowing or if the sun was shining, people inevitably found Noah out in the yard with Brutus every single day. Hopefully, when Noah goes pro, he will remember to take Brutus with him to be his training partner! WATCH the video below to see Noah and Brutus play a game of baseball together!

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