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When His Co-Worker's Found Out This Dedicated Young Man Walked 10 Miles To Work Every Morning, They Knew They Needed To Step In And Help

August 22, 2017

Co-workers are important people in your life, and they can make or break your job as well. A friendly co-worker can make your job downright pleasant, whereas a horrible co-worker can make your job a nightmare. However, you see your co-workers 5 days a week and they inevitably become a definite part of your life. Well, one hard-working man in Alabama got to see first hand just how important co-workers are.

Derrick Taylor is an 19 year old man who works at a local UPS near his home. Derrick works hard making $11.90 an hour to help pay for his sibling’s care, and his ailing mother. He is a dedicated employee and a proud man, never late for his shift and being an active role model for his co-workers.

Derrick lives ten miles from his job, and was unable to afford a car of his own because of the bills he was paying. He hated for asking for help and wouldn’t accept money or help from his older siblings, and would not allow his co-workers to drive him both ways.

With a shift starting at 4 in the morning, Derrick would leave for work in the early hours to complete his ten mile walk in the dark. As his co-workers learned of his dedication, they would offer him rides to and from work, and while he would accept the ride one way, he wouldn’t accept a ride the other way. He was determined not to be a burden to his co-workers.

When he had been working there a year and a half, his co-workers knew this couldn’t continue, and began to collect money. Everyone chipped in together to buy him his very own car. Derrick had his license, but no car so with their generosity he would now be able to get to work and home so much faster. They pooled together $1,100 and bought him a Jeep Cherokee.

Derrick couldn’t express his gratitude fully, and was so thankful for the vehicle that would change not only his life, but that of his siblings as well. This car will definitely help him in his quest to support his family, and allow him to get a bit more sleep each night of course!

Derrick and his co-workers a great way to remind everyone of the benefits of hard work, dedication, and helping others when they need it the most. This wonderful group of people has set an amazing example for not just their community, but the world in general.

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