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When Mishi’s Owner Heard A Loud Crash, Their Hearts Leapt In Fear. They Never Expected To Find Her Doing This

February 26, 2018

Mishi is an adorable tan and white Shih Tzu who absolutely loves life! This adorable little pup can’t help but love life, and her excitement about life is just infectious! One of her favorite things to do in the entire world is her own version of bowling.

Whenever her owner sends her bowl sliding across the smooth hardwood floor, Mishi loves to chase after it in excitement. When she manages to catch up with the bowl, she typically slides past it because of the slippery flooring. After picking up the bowl, she races back towards the family, scrambling as fast as her little paws will carry her.

She can’t see past the bowl in front of her face, leading to her crashing into walls and all sorts of things! Mishi doesn’t let that stop her from her favorite game though! Watching her play with the bowl is one of the cutest little things we’ve seen in a long time.