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When Mother Returns Home To Find Her 8 Year Old Son Had Shot His Younger Sister, She Does The Unthinkable

March 07, 2018

On a rather normal day in the small town of Hayesville, Ohio, life would change drastically for one young family. The father headed off to work, believing that his wife would be taking the children to a babysitter. That never happened, and an eight-year-old was left home alone with his four-year-old sister. No one knows quite what caused the day to go as it did, but the eight-year-old boy managed to get into the gun safe and shot his sister. When he called his mom, Alyssa Edwards, to tell her what he had done, she raced home.

Instead of calling an ambulance or even taking her daughter to the hospital, she made one decision that haunts everyone. After checking out her daughter's injury, she washed up her daughter, and the scene, and then? She went back to work, leaving the kids alone again. Later that day, she took her daughter to a hospital in Cleveland, where the police were called about the incident.

Edwards is being held on one misdemeanor and one felony count of child endangerment, and bail has been set at $30,000. She knew her daughter had been seriously injured, but she still went back to work! The little girl, whose name is not being revealed, is expected to recover completely from her injuries, and her brother is not being charged with a crime as they feel he was too young to understand. What kind of mother would leave her daughter at home after all she suffered?!