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When Owner Falls Into The Lake, These Two Dogs Go Into Panic Mode To Save Him. Best Part Is They Really Think They Are Saving Him

September 11, 2017

You know what they say, “A dog is a man's best friend.” Well, these two pooches take that job very seriously. Randolph is the proud owner of two labs, one black and one yellow. Be sure to keep your eye...okay, and your ears...on the black one, named Buster.

Randolph County, NC, is where this video takes place. It shows two dogs become frantic as their owner disappears into the water. ''I decided to try the rope swing to swing out into the lake. This seemed to almost scare my dogs to death, especially poor Buster,'' Randolph writes. 


He continues, ''They both swam out to rescue me and Buster cried the whole time." In the video, you can watch as Buster runs back and forth, seemingly trying to decide if he needs to jump in and save his best friend. You can almost see the internal debate happening in his mind. Soon, Buster decides he is Randolph's only hope and leaps into the water.


He immediately starts to swim toward his "drowning" owner, crying the entire time, almost as if to say, "I'm coming, best friend!" It's clear that Buster is a bit overprotective of Randolph, but it’s too adorable not to share. Watch the video, below, and see this best friend at work. 

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