Golden Retriever Has The Cutest Protest When His Owner Tries To Take A Pacifier From Him

May 24, 2017

Dogs are inevitably the attention-getter of every family. They always find a way to become the center of attention when you go out on a walk or even a leisurely stroll through town. They turn heads of young and old, causing many to desire to pet your precious pooch. Who could blame them? Your fur baby is C-U-T-E!

It's a pretty exciting sight to see your canine bring smiles to so many people. They have a knack for being a constant day-maker and their little pup grins are just the icing on the cake!


While they bring smiles to strangers of all ages, they also bring smiles to you on a daily basis. You would think that after a while, you'd get used to the adorable little things your pooch does. Without fail, your heart melts every single time they do something precious.

It's almost as if their life mission is to make sure that you're always smiling. The dog in the video sure knows how to make his owner smile, and he's not even trying one bit!


While they're spending the day lounging around the house, this cutie comes across a baby pacifier. As the owner approaches him to ask for it back, the dog flat out refuses to return it! He appears to be a pretty firm believer in "finders keepers!"

Check out the hilariously adorable video below to see his refusal to return the pacifier. After seeing just how much he loved it, I'd have a hard time taking it away from him!

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