When People See 7 Cute Abandoned Puppies Living Under A House, They Call A Team Who Stops At Nothing To Give The Pups New Homes

November 17, 2017

The world is full of life-changing things that are just waiting to happen. The only question is, will we open our eyes wide enough to see them? For a few good souls in Michigan, their willingness to see what others don't, changes the course of one furry family's life. A few locals notice that there are some adorable puppies playing in the backyard of an abandoned house. Since there is no one to take care of the pups, a call is put into the Humane Society of Michigan.

The Humane Society quickly dispatches one of their best teams to help the abandoned pups. Once the team arrives at the location, they take a look in the backyard and, sure enough, there are some lovable puppies playing in the backyard; to be precise, there are seven furry friends. The team enters the yard, hoping for an easy rescue; the puppies, however, have other plans.

The team leader, Myron Golden, is able to get his hands one of the pups before the rest realize that there are strangers in their midst. The pups take off in all directions, making it difficult for the team to lay hands on them. All of the puppies, eventually, end up under the back porch of the house. Now the team has a bigger problem, and they have to figure out a new plan in order to get the puppies to safety.

Myron gets down on his hands and knees and peers into the only opening that leads to where the puppies are. Myron cannot fit through the opening and neither can any of his team members. Myron refuses to leave the pups behind, so he removes all of his gear and, incredibly, is able to just squeeze through the opening and climb under the porch. Myron takes a count of the puppies and, once he determines they are all there, he starts the process of gaining the pups' trust.

Myron is finally able to get all of the puppies out from under the porch and into the hands of his team members. Once they are all in the van, the puppies are taken to the Humane Society building to get their check-ups, shots, and some much-needed food. Once they are fed, the puppies have thistles and the like removed from their fur before they are given nice warm baths. All of the pups smile continually as the team lavishes love and affection on them.

While they are drying off, the puppies are introduced to some of the bigger dogs at the shelter; the larger canines love hanging out with the little new-comers. After a good night's sleep, the puppies, whose names are Paige, Payton, Percy, Phillip, Phoebe, Piper, and Prue, are put in foster care for a very short time because it doesn't take long for them all to find forever homes. It just goes to show that when we truly see the world around us, lives can be forever-changed!

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