When People See A Mother Duck Waiting By A Sewer And Hear Her Babies Crying Below, A Group Of Firefighters Steps Up To Reunite The Feathered Family

November 13, 2017

I think it is safe to say that we all need a helping hand at times. This fact is true of both the human race and the animal kingdom. What happens when a member of the animal kingdom needs a helping hand from a member of the human race? Something wonderful, as is evidenced by a group of firefighters who take it upon themselves to reunite a feathered family, one fall afternoon.

The firefighters receive a call to come to the scene of a rescue. They suit up and are soon on their way to the call sight. They soon arrive at the scene, but there is no burning building for them to enter; instead, they pull their firetruck over to the side of the road and approach a group of people, huddled around a sewer. The team finds out that, while there may not be a fire to contain, there is a family that desperately needs their assistance, and the mother of the family is making her voice heard.

The mother in question is, in fact, a duck. The mother is distraught; flapping her wings and quacking non-stop. Members of the fire team ask onlookers what seems to be the issue and people inform them that they hear little-chirping noises coming from inside the sewer drain. The team realizes why the mother duck is in such a state; her children are stuck down in the sewer!

The team asks for all the people to stay back and they proceed to remove the sewer cover and, sure enough, as they look down into the sewer, the team spots eight ducklings, crying out for their mother. The mother duck attempts to jump in after her babies, but the team can get a hold of her before she can do so. While one of the team members keeps the mother duck back, the others set to work on freeing the ducklings from their watery confinement.

One of the team members goes head-first into the opening while another holds his feet, so he doesn't fall into the sewer. Another team member grabs a nearby traffic cone to hold the ducklings in once they are free. One by one, the man with his head down the hole extracts each of the ducklings and lays them inside the traffic cone. At one point, one of the ducklings tries to escape from the cone and falls out onto the street. The mother duck is there in a flash, obviously displeased that the men let her baby fall. The duckling is returned to the cone, unharmed, and the fire team can't help but chuckle at the mother's response!

Once all of the ducklings are in the cone, the team walks over to a grassy area, followed closely by the mother duck, who is obviously wondering where in the world these men are taking her kids. The men stop near a tree and, bending low, tip the cone over so the ducklings come tumbling out. The mother rushes to her children and counts them; instantly her demeanor changes to excitement as she realizes that all her kids are safe and sound.

The mother looks back at the team in thanks, before her and her children make their way across the grass and out of sight, one happy family, once again. The rescue team leaves the scene with smiles on their faces knowing that, even though it may not have been the biggest or most important thing they've ever done, their actions mean the world to one feathered family that is eternally grateful. Sometimes, all it takes is a helping hand to change someone's life forever!

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