When People Went To See These Baby Rhinos They Were Not Prepared For The Unique And Adorable Nosies They Made

June 19, 2017

Ever since I was young, I loved going to the zoo. I loved seeing all the animals like tigers, monkeys, and, my personal favorite, the sloth bear. Every year, in elementary school, we would take a field trip to the zoo. Most of my friends just wanted to goof off and run around, but I was always eager to learn something new about the animals we saw. When people went to see these baby rhinos, they definitely learned something new, regarding the adorable noises they made.


One day, a group of people went to a local animal sanctuary to see the new animals who had been added to the sanctuary family. The main thing people had come to see that day were the three baby rhinos. While seeing baby rhinos would have been a thrill in and of itself, people had actually come because they had heard of some very unusual sounds the rhinos were making.

As the group approached they immediately heard the noises that others had been talking about. They were noises of curiosity and excitement, but nevertheless, no one expected the adorable sounds to come from these creatures. The video below has had the internet in a frenzy, trying to figure out what they sound like. It's safe to say, for the moment, that the noises are unique to the tiny rhinos! WATCH the video below to hear the noises for yourself!


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