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When Rescuers Arrived To Save Him, Batman Was Too Scared To Trust

January 31, 2018

When rescuers with Hope For Paws received a call about a small dog who was in desperate need of help, they jumped into action. When they arrived on the scene, they quickly located the little black-and-tan mix underneath one of the nearby cars. They knew they had to work carefully as Batman could easily escape and run into the road where he’d be at even more risk.

They swiftly fenced-in the car with their little baby gates, while one of the rescuers, Eldad, got on the ground with his camera and catchpole. Once the car was completely fenced in, Eldad reached in with the gentle snare, hoping to peacefully catch him. As the leash approached, Batman began to pull his teeth back and growl, unsure of their motives.

Once they leashed the frightened dog, he refused to give up easily and kept fighting. They were forced to drag him out from under the car as he scrambled to stay away. Once they got him out from underneath the car, he quickly calmed, not feeling as trapped as he had previously. They gently picked him up and set him in their lap, where he finally understood that they were only there to help, and he happily accepted their petting.

When they sat down with him in the car, he quickly fell asleep in the rescuer's lap, getting his first good night’s sleep in who knows how long. They took him to the veterinarian where they gave him the medical care he needed, before he went to a foster home with Home For Every Living Pet.

In his foster home, he has grown into a loving and playful dog. He spends his days playing with other pups and destroying all sorts of soft toys. Although he’s still looking for his forever home, we’re sure it won’t take too much longer.