When Rescuers Found Joy Abandoned As A Newborn Puppy, They Didn't Expect Him To Survive. He Was Determined To Prove Them Wrong!

August 08, 2017

When Howl Of A Dog rescue heard about a newborn puppy abandoned on the sidewalk, they raced into action. Newborn puppies don’t tend to have very high survival rates when being hand raised, so they were cautiously hopeful about Joy’s survival. Puppies are born completely blind, deaf, toothless and unable to even maintain their own body temperature which is what makes hand raising them so difficult. They don't even go potty unless their mom (or whoever is hand raising them) stimulates them to go. 

This determined boy had to learn how to nurse from a bottle, and he had to have round the clock care from his handlers. Young puppies tend to spend most of their days sleeping and eating, so he wasn't too much of a handle yet. Joy managed to grow slowly but surely into a beautiful young dog. He managed to smash all the odds in his fight to survive. As he grew, he turned into a beautiful and playful little dog who loved to play with other dogs!

Two weeks before Christmas, the rescue found someone who wanted to adopt the rambunctious little pup. Howl Of a Dog is located in Romania, the people who wanted to adopt him lived in the Netherlands. The family was so determined to adopt little Joy, that they drove 2500 miles round trip to meet up with the rescue in Vienna, Austria! This little dog managed to beat all of the odds to survive and find an amazing home of his own.

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