When Rescuers Heard About A Young Dwarf Rabbit Loose In The City, They Knew She Needed Their Help ASAP

August 24, 2017

Rabbits are one of the most adorable critters out there with their huge ears and little button nose. Rabbits are a favorite pet of many people in the United States, as they make amazing companions for so many people. They are soft and very friendly which helps contribute to their popularity as pets. 

Hope for Paws Animal Rescue in California was hosting Scott Bradley from Costa Rica Dog Rescue when they got a call about a peach baby rabbit loose in downtown Los Angeles. Loreta Frankonyte has helped out Hope for Paws before, so when she spotted the baby bunny she immediately called them in for help. Rosabella is a dwarf rabbit whose coloring matches that of a peach or apricot!

Eldad from Hope For Paws answered the call, and asked Scott to assist him with the capture. Rosabella was hiding in a construction site when they arrived, behind a large stack of bricks.

When Rosabella saw Eldad and Scott approaching, she took shelter behind the small building, trying to hide from who she perceived to be predators. When they spooked her, she tried to take off but Eldad was faster than her and blocked her escape.

Scott then began to hold onto the large net on one side of the building, while Eldad decided to slowly move in from the other side to either capture her himself of drive her into the net. Moving slowly, he approached the scared rabbit and she began to ran from him, directly into the waiting net. They quickly scooped her up, and moving carefully, they got her into a cage.

Scott and Eldad had to move very carefully when catching Rosabella as rabbits are prey animals, unlike dogs and cats and have a different reaction. If they get too scared they can actually have a heart attack or manage to break a leg depending on the situation.

Loreta offered to foster Rosabella and has carefully won her over so she is now a tame rabbit. Rosabella lives with Loreta and her dogs while she waits for her perfect forever home!

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