When Rescuers Saw These Kitten’s Faces, They Realized Just How Desperately They Needed Help!

August 08, 2017

When a rescue in California got word about a litter of kittens living in an old stairwell, they knew that they needed to help the kittens as fast as possible. When they arrived on the scene, they found four adorable tiny kittens tucked up inside of the building in the stairwell where they could barely reach them.

Because of the tightness of the area, the rescuer had to reach in without a glove and reach into cat feces to grab the kittens out one by one. All of the kittens were suffering from an eye infection that was in desperate need of medical attention. The all-white kittens infection was so bad that he was completely unable to open his eyes, however he was the bravest of the kittens and he strolled out to the rescuer by himself!

Once they had saved the young kittens, mom was spotted hiding under a nearby car watching as they took her kittens. They couldn’t leave her there of course in that situation, so they set out a humane trap to capture her. At first, momma was nervous about the trap but soon hunger overcame her fear and she ventured inside where she was caught. Momma and kittens were healed up and the kittens are now up for adoption!

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