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When Rescuers See What This Dog Is Hiding, They Jump Into Action To Save Her Life

October 05, 2017

Spring is a stunning brown-and-white Terrier who found herself wandering the streets alone, with no one looking out for her. This sweet and loving dog was living wild, fending for herself and doing her best to survive. She never held a grudge against people and was always happy to meet a new face. She ended up in a truly awful situation, needing help desperately.

Spring ended up pregnant as a result of her time running loose on the streets, and when the time came for her to give birth, she knew she needed to find somewhere that would be safe for herself and her pups. Spring found her way into a woman’s yard and curled up under the back stairs, making a den for her puppies in a cardboard box. Overnight, she gave birth to nine puppies, four males, and five females. What spring didn’t know was whose yard she had chosen to give birth in.


When the homeowner discovered Spring in her yard, she knew she needed to help the young mother and began to feed her and care for her. The homeowner began to search for a rescue who could help this struggling momma out of the situation she’d found herself in.

Hope For Paws answered the call, knowing that this momma would need their help to find a beautiful home for herself and her young puppies. They specialize in difficult rescues, where the dogs are hard to catch or require immediate veterinary care, so when they showed up, they expected the worst. As the homeowner led the rescuers towards Spring and her pups, they were prepared for anything - or so they thought.


As the rescuers rounded the corner, Spring raced up to them and immediately began to jump on them, asking to be pet and to receive affection. The rescuers were confused for a moment, as they were accustomed to having to pursue dogs before capturing them or having to gain their trust. Spring was a superb judge of people, and she knew that, like the homeowner, they were going to help her. The Hope for Paws team loaded up the young family and transported them to the veterinarian.

There they all passed a health check, and the adorable Spring got a bath so she would be fresh and clean. The puppies all got their very own names: Dandelion, Jasmine, Monarch, Butterfly, Ladybug, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Sunshine, and Roly Poly. The young family was placed into a foster home, where they were able to live happily, without a fear in the world. Spring never learned to harden her heart against the cruelties of the world, and relied on people she could trust when she needed help the most. Isn’t that a lesson we all could learn?

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