When Rhett The Dog Opens His Birthday Present, He's SHOCKED By What's Inside! [VIDEO]


It's always so exciting to go to birthday parties. When the birthday boy/girl gets closer to gift time, everyone watches with great anticipation.

Is he/she going to get what they asked for? Is he/she going to love the gift you brought them? So many question run through your mind as you await the gift-giving moment.

For dogs, it's equally as exciting to watch. They seem excited 99.99% of the time so it's pretty safe to say that whatever gift you've gotten them will be something they'll love.


Rhett Barkley is celebrating his birthday with is mom and dad. While lounging around the house and enjoying his special day, he hears his mother tell him its time to open his present.

With great anticipation, he runs quickly over to the beautifully wrapped box. What could be inside? As the lid is opened, his eyes grow wide in absolute shock.


HE GOT WHAT HE WANTED! Rhett got his very own puppy for his birthday!!

You've got to watch the video to see his reaction.

His shock turns into excitement, which then evolves into pure joy. It's so adorable!

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