When She Returned Home From A Horrible Day, She Never Expected To Walk In And Find Something That Would Bring Her To Her Knees

February 22, 2018

When Janine returned home after a horrid day, she wanted nothing more than to collapse into her bed and sleep the night away. She’d had a bad day at work, and the traffic on the way home had made it even worse. To top it off, her boyfriend sent her a text on her way home letting her know that they had a friend over, so she couldn’t just come home and do as she pleased.

When she opened the door, she called out and asked if they had a friend over, but as she glanced around curiously, her eyes were drawn to a little bouncing bundle of fur that was scampering around. As she took in the sight of the adorable puppy, her heart melted and she began to sob tears of joy. She’d always wanted a puppy, but life had somehow always ended up in the way and prevented it from happening.

After being reassured that this was no joke, Janine couldn’t believe how she could ever be so lucky. Tears fell from her eyes as she sat on the floor, looking at the tiny little pup who was so happy to finally meet her. This was the greatest surprise she could never have expected, and I think it’s safe to say, it was a resounding success.