When Spencer’s Family Brought Him Home, They Were Shocked To See The Rare Skill He Had Picked Up

February 23, 2018

When Spencer’s family adopted the little tan pup, they knew they were getting one very special dog. What they didn’t realize however was just how special this dog would prove to be. He fit into their family from the very start, and it’s clear to everyone just how much he was always meant to be a beloved family member.

Spencer loves to hang out with his family, no matter what they’re doing. He’s always been intrigued by watching them play a variety of games, but the family never expected him to have picked up on the games! When his momma, Sally, set up a game of Jenga on the floor, she was shocked to find out what Spencer would do next.

He nosed one of the blocks out and away from the others, moving it so he could grab it in his jaws. Moving quickly, he yanked it far and away, freeing it from the tower! Although the tower rattled, it never fell! This little pup is better at Jenga than a lot of people, and I have to say I’m quite jealous of his skills!