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When They Noticed A LION In The Bushes They Weren't Sure What To Do! Then They Realized He Needed Rescuing! [VIDEO]

April 26, 2017

If you have ever been out hiking or exploring, you have probably seen some beautiful wild life. Whether it was a deer or maybe even a bear, the experience was exhilarating. One animal that you probably didn't see on your hike, however, was a lion. But, that is exactly what the group of people in this story saw one afternoon.

One day, while a group of people was hiking, something in the bushes to the side of the trail caught their eye. As they got closer, the group realized that they had come face to face with a young lion. The group started to back up slowly, so as to not anger the lion or scare him.

As they moved away, however, some of the people noticed that the lion had not moved an inch. The lion's eyes were darting back and forth but he refused to make any sort of movement. This was odd behavior so the brave souls in the group decided to get closer to see if there was something wrong with the lion.

As the group went back to check on the lion, they realized why the lion had not moved. One of the lion's paws was caught in a poacher's snare. The lion was in pain, every time he tried to escape, so he had decided to lie still. The people knew they had to help the young lion regain his freedom.

The people called in some help and, within minutes, some men arrived that were armed with non-lethal dart guns. The people knew that in order to help the lion, he would have to be sedated. After successfully sedating the lion, the rescuers moved in to begin their work. Many people had gathered to see the rescue and were causing a commotion, so the rescue team had to take even more precautions to ensure everyone's safety, including the lion's.

The rescue team carefully put a blanket over the lion's head to cover his eyes and they even put plugs in his ears to block out the noise. This ensured that the lion would not be spooked by anything he saw or heard. With a pair of bull cutters, the rescuers snipped the wire that connected the lion to the bushes he was lying in.

Things were going smoothly and the rescuers were excited. The rescuers rolled the lion over so they could cut the wire off of his paw but, as soon as they rolled him over, the lion's eyes popped open in confusion. The situation had just gotten more complicated. The video on the next page shows the amazing rescue. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... 

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