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When This Kitten Was Abandoned By Her Mother, A Golden Retriever Stepped In To Raise The Young Orphan. Now They Raise Orphans Together

August 22, 2017

Golden Retriever’s are known for their gentle and loving attitudes. They may be large dogs, but they are often times more gentle and kind than a smaller dog. Their soft fur and amiable nature also makes them the perfect foster parent. One Golden Retriever living in Japan, has been acting as the foster mom for kittens his entire life, but he definitely has a favorite child!

Ponzu loves to foster kittens, and it’s definitely his true calling in life. Jessiepon loves to take on fosters and is very happy that Ponzu is a great foster parent. Ponzu and Jessiepon rescued a kitten from a crow attack and fostered the kitten named Wasabi. Sadly, Wasabi passed away and Ponzu slipped into a depression following the loss of his kitten.

Ichimi was abandoned by her mother, and desperately needed someone to take care of her. That’s where their adorable relationship began and when Ponzu became her father figure.

The two would often curl up together, Ponzu using his body heat to keep the young Ichimi warm. Ponzu helped to teach her manners and helps keep her clean. He did everything to raise her, except feed her. The two grew so close after she joined their family, and they are still inseparable, even now that she is all grown up into a gorgeous adult cat! They love to groom each other and sleep together, even to this day.

Ichimi and Ponzu have since helped Jessiepon foster many different cats and kittens! Currently, they are helping raise two kittens named Shiba and Yotsuba who were born to a feral mother and needed desperate medical care to make sure they survived. With the help of these best friends, I’m sure the two kittens will grow to be big and strong cats!

Ichimi and Ponzu have an Instagram account where you can follow their story, and watch them progress. Their Instagram has over 1600 posts with 179,000 followers!

While Ichimi and Ponzu’s friendship may not have begun thanks to the best circumstances, it is definitely a friendship for the ages. These two friends will surely be together for the rest of their lives!

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