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When This Squirrel Came Across A Camera, No One Expected Him To Do This With It

August 14, 2017

Squirrels are commonly known as mischievous critters who love to get into places they don’t belong. In fact, in 1987 and 1994 they managed to shut down the stock market trading on the NASDAQ market by chewing through power lines! They also took out power to more than 3,000 Northern Virginians in September 2012 by blowing a transformer!

The squirrel in this story however, thankfully did not shut down any power or cause any economic problems for the world. Instead, this curious critter stole someone's GoPro Camera! The Squirrel saw the GoPro lying on the ground and looked it over curiously for a few moments before grabbing it and scrambling towards the tree

In the video, you can watch the GoPro’s owner race towards the tree as the squirrel absconds with the GoPro up into the tree. When he finally settles on a branch, you can see the owner just standing there, not quite sure what to do here. As the squirrel attempts to get a better hold of the camera, we take a tumble down out of the tree and this squirrel’s days as a videographer are over!

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