When You Hear How Rosenberg The Dog Changed His Owner's Life, You Won't Be Able To Help But Smile

September 07, 2017

Dogs are widely known as man’s best friend and, if you’ve ever spent time with a dog, it’s not hard to see why they’ve earned that title! With their soulful eyes and the perceptive way they understand and react to however we are feeling, they make perfect companions and therapists. One man named Topher Brophy seems to understand, more than any other, just how important the relationship is between a person and his dog.

Topher was an extremely active person, partaking in a wide variety of sports, including squash, dressage, wrestling, fencing, rugby and even weight training. In 2015 however, he herniated a disk and was forced to stop his active lifestyle. While on his doctor-forced break, he contemplated his life and came to the decision that he was living for himself, and he needed something to care for.

Thus, Rosenberg the Aussiedoodle joined his family and became his son! With his playful personality, Rosenberg has helped his owner overcome his narcissistic and self-absorbed behavior. When Tropher started an Instagram account, he began to work with a dog stylist who helped him get the right photos of himself and his dog. The dog stylist and Tropher only met thanks to Rosenberg, and now the two are married. It’s safe to say that adopting Rosenberg changed Tropher’s life for the better. When you hear all the ways his life has improved, you’ll have to agree.



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