When You See How This Dog Greets Strangers On The Street in New York City, You Won’t Be Able To Stop Your Smile

September 13, 2017

Golden Retrievers are some of the sweetest, most loving dogs on the planet. Once you lay eyes on their gentle faces and soulful eyes, you’ll find it hard to not love them. One Golden Retriever in New York City, named Louboutina (or Loubie for short), is showing just how spectacular this breed truly is.

Loubie loves to say ‘hello’ to the people he meets in the Big Apple in a rather unexpected way: Loubie greets everyone with a hug when they’re introduced. Loubie shares his adorable antics on Instagram, and he’s become an Instagram Star! In fact, he’s one of the very few lucky pups to have a verified Instagram account.

Loubie has over 167,000 followers on Instagram who adore seeing this affectionate pup in action. Loubie loves to hang out on the street corners waiting for people to approach him so he can give them a hug. Originally, Loubie used to salute everyone with a high-five, but that quickly merged into the more intimate exchange he now prefers. If you’re ever in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, keep an eye out for an adorable Golden Retriever in a red harness!

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