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When You See The Hilarious Things People Ask TSA If They Can Fly With, You Won't Be Able To Hold Back Your Laughter

September 08, 2017

Flying is a stressful time for everyone, and maybe the greatest source of anxiety for everyone is the security check. One of the big questions that often arises from the security check, is whether or not a specific item will be allowed! Well, TSA heard our questions and has started a twitter account where people can ask them which items are allowed!

While a majority of people ask TSA serious questions about items, you can tell that some people are just having fun at TSA’s expense! The TSA is always sure to answer those questions too, and they even are careful to include a funny pun whenever they can! Some of the most spectacular things that people have asked TSA about include, a dinosaur, nun-chucks, and even a coffee cup with a gun handle.

In case you’re wondering, the nun-chucks were approved, but the mug and dinosaur would not be able to fly. The dinosaur wouldn’t be able lift his arms for the body screen, of course, so he would be relegated to traveling in the cargo hold! The mug was denied because anything that resembles a weapon at all, is not allowed.

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