When You See These Golden Retrievers’ Unlikely Friends, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

September 28, 2017

One thing that has won the hearts of so many people around the world is unusual animal friendships! Whether it be a kitten befriending a crow, or an elephant calf becoming best friends with a dog, we are sure to love seeing the two buddies playing together! Two gorgeous Golden Retrievers from São Paulo, Brazil, have formed a close friendship with not just one or two unlikely friends, but eight of them!


Marley and Bob are the gorgeous Golden Retrievers who star on their very own Instagram account and, thanks to their unusual friendships, have amassed over 300,000 followers! These two pups have become close friends with eight birds! Bob and Marley love to pose with their feathered friends every chance they get and seem to dote on their every move. Of course, their owner is always careful to supervise their interactions.


Bob and Marley are very gentle with their little friends, and are always happy to have the birds perch on their heads, paws, or even bandanas! These two dogs are even sweet enough to hang out with a little hamster, too, when they can! This is one of the cutest friendships we’ve ever seen, and we’re so glad we get to enjoy these gorgeous photos.

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