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When You See These Gorgeous Foals, Your Heart Will Fill With Joy

October 09, 2017

Horses are some of the most mesmerizing creatures to watch. At a run, they seem to float across the ground, their hoofbeats pounding loudly, mimicking the thunder of storms long past. Their coats are on display in a wide range of hues, providing a rainbow of color as they chase the sun.

There’s nothing more beautiful to see than horses in their natural state, and their foals are just as gorgeous! That’s why we’ve compiled this list for you of the ten most stunning foals!

This stunning foal with eyes that could melt even the most frozen of hearts

This gorgeous foal with a fluffy winter coat

This beautiful Icelandic foal, living life to the fullest

This magnificent foal whose coat has the most striking shading

This little foal who is having a bad hair day - but it still looks so cute!

This remarkable little filly who is destined for greatness

This daring foal who is dreaming of a life as a racehorse

This dazzling Quarter Horse foal who doesn’t want to leave its mother's side just yet

This mischevious foal who is definitely teasing you for being afraid of spiders

This brave foal who doesn’t fear the sensational storm raging behind it

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