When You See These Gorgeous Photos, You’ll Remember Why You Used To Dream Of Being A Cowboy

September 18, 2017

When we were children, we entertained many notions about all the different things we could be when we grew up. Many of us, at some point, considered becoming a cowboy - or cowgirl - and riding the open range for all of our days. As time passed, we outgrew that childish desire. Now, one Instagram account is determined to show us how foolish it was for us to give up on that dream!

The Equitrekking Instagram account shares gorgeous photos taken by people on dude ranches, horseback riding on the most breathtaking trails. The horses in the photographs are completely stunning, but the backgrounds of the photos are just as magnificent.

Some of the most dazzling photos involve a dude ranch cattle drive or a sunset over a herd of grazing horses. The gorgeous photos certainly left me wondering what life would be like if I’d chosen to pursue that childhood dream - what about you?

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