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When You See The Amazing Place This Rescued Fox Lives, You'll Be Filled With Jealousy

August 16, 2017


Pet foxes have been a growing trend. With their playful attitudes and naughty behavior, their cuteness appeals to a wide section of the general population. You can find adorable videos of them scattered across the web, and it will leave you wanting one of your very own.

Juniper the fox was rescued in May 2015 from a fur farm, and found a new home with her loving Mom. Since Juniper is a domesticated fox, she only had two options in life: pet or pelt. Since her Mom bought her, she gets to live the pampered life of pet!

Juniper lives at home with her Mom, a dog named Moose, two sugar gliders named Petunia and Peach, and a cat named Olive. Juniper’s favorite companion of all time though, is Moose. In fact, Moose has been given his very own nickname due to their relationship - Boyfriend Moose! On June 9, 2017, Mom brought home a baby fox for Juniper to play with too!

The new fox, Fig, was horribly disabled and had lost his right paw, a few back toes, and his left eye all from a bacterial infection. At first, Mom wasn’t sure how Juniper would react to the new addition because she isn’t a big fan of animals that are smaller or about the same size as her. Thankfully, Juniper took to the baby like a duck to water and has been loving on him ever since!

Foxes have been slowly domesticated over the years, as they were bred on fur farms. As they were bred for a larger size and a more plush coat, their natural instincts and aggression lessened as well. Due to their slow domestication, they can not live in the wild anymore and would die if released. A Russian scientist has spent decades breeding tamer foxes, in the hopes of creating a line of domesticated foxes. He started his experiment in the 1950’s and has been breeding ever since. He selected 10% of each generation to carry on the project, based on their tameness. As of 2005-2006, all of the cubs were friendly and eager for human touch, behaving much like a puppy would. The experiment is still on-going, but you can buy your very own tame fox for $8,900.

Although Venus and Fig are much loved members of their family, her owner is careful to warn people that they do not make great pets for people who only are accustomed to having dogs and cats. The mischievous creatures are big diggers, chewers and love to mark anything they consider theirs - including your bed. You also can no longer go on vacations, as they do not do well with new people or when not surrounded by the person who has raised them.

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