While A Dog Is Napping, He Begins Having Nightmares. As Soon As His Pal Sees Him In Distress, He Rushes Over And Comforts Him In The Sweetest Way

June 14, 2017

Witnessing someone experience a nightmare is pretty heartbreaking. It's hard to watch them struggle in an imaginary scenario, appearing frightened by their surroundings. When it's your pup, it's equally as sad.

They'll grunt, kick, and roll around uncomfortably. They're in such turmoil as they try to escape their perilous situation. You want nothing more than to run up and embrace them, letting them know that everything will be okay.


Did you know that dogs actually do have dreams? They have dreams just like we do, more than likely about the same types of things as well. They can dream about the things they do while they're awake such as chasing a squirrel, playing fetch, or going for a car ride. Unfortunately, just like us, their dreams aren't always pleasant.

While we may never know exactly what crosses their mind while they're in dreamland, we know that they do dream - which is actually pretty neat!


The curly-haired cutie in the video is snoozing the day away when suddenly he enters a pretty scary nightmare. He begins squirming and kicking, exhibiting all the signs of being in a bad dream. As soon as his fluffy pal sees him struggling in distress, he knows just what to do!

Like a superhero, he dashes across the room and jumps on the couch beside his buddy, embracing him in the biggest and sweetest doggy hug you've ever seen. As soon as he does this, his friend instantly calms down. It's so precious to see friendship played out this way. Check out the video below to see this heartwarming clip.

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