While Colorado Man Is at the Lake with his Family, Something Strange Touches his Leg. As Soon as He Sees it, he Dives into Action

July 26, 2017

At a beautiful mountain lake in Colorado, two lives were changed completely in the course of a single day. Although it started off going terribly wrong, at the end of the day things managed to work out for the best. Angelo Mondragon is a plumber from Fort Collins, and a hero. Angelo was spending the day at Windsor Lake, when he managed to save a little girl’s life and earn himself the title of Hero!

Angelo was about waist deep as he waded in the water when he felt something bump his leg. It didn’t feel like something you’d normally feel bump you in a lake, so he kicked it up towards the surface - only to be shocked when he saw a tiny foot float towards the surface. He screamed for help as he swept the toddler up out of the water and began to race her towards shore. She was already blue and not breathing. When Angelo reached shore, he began CPR and with the help of two off-duty nurses they did their best to keep her alive while they waited for the ambulance.

3 year old Sitlali Hernandez was raced to a hospital in Aurora where doctors were miraculously able to save her. Since Sitlali’s close brush with death, Angelo has taken up the cause of child safety around water. He is working with local businesses and residents to collect life vests for children and people who can not afford them.

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