Dog Is On A Leisurely Walk With His Owners When They Come Across A Water Fountain. Watch What The Dog Does When The Waterworks Start

August 09, 2017

Summertime is the ideal time to spend outdoors. Though the weather is sweltering hot, there is a wide variety of activities to do outside to beat the heat. Some enjoy hanging out at swimming pools and water parks while others prefer leisurely strolling around local parks. Thanks to the inventions of splash pads, children of all ages flock to the nearest park for some refreshing summer fun. What’s not to love about water haphazardly spurting out of the ground? As it turns out, children aren’t the only ones who find pure enjoyment in this summer activity.


One summer day, a lady by the name of Martha was walking through a park on her way to work. As she passed by the splash pad, she happened to see something out of the ordinary, causing her to turn back to take a second look. Normally during her walk to work she would see small children playing around in the splash pad but today, she saw a dog having the time of his life in the water! She knew she had to stop and video this priceless moment and boy are we glad she did!


In the video below, you’ll see the dog curiously checking out the water display. Within seconds, the water pattern changes, causing the dog some serious confusion. Before long, he begins running, jumping, biting, and frolicking through the ever-changing water. It’s a hilariously adorable sight to watch. It’s moments like this that truly make us appreciate the spirited, carefree lives our darling pups live.

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