While Driving Down The Highway, Chad Sees Something Struggling On The Side Of A Cliff. He Soon Sees It Is A Tiny Fawn In Need Of Immediate Help

November 15, 2017

Sometimes, all it takes for everyday people to become extraordinary heroes is for them to open their eyes to the world around them. Take, for instance, a man named Chad Anderson. Chad is driving down the highway, right outside of Pendleton, Oregon. Chad is driving near a rocky cliff face when he looks to his right and abruptly slams on his breaks and pulls his truck to the side of the road.

The reason for Chad's sudden and alarming stop, is that he sees something that is, apparently, in peril on the side of the rock face, near the road. Chad gets out of his truck and goes back to the spot in question and, sure enough, there is a small animal that is trapped under the catch fence near the bottom of the rock-face. As Chad gets closer, he realizes that the animal is, in fact, a tiny deer fawn.

Chad tilts his head upward and sees how far the little deer must have fallen. The fawn is hurt and frightened, but Chad cannot see a way to set it free from its confinement. As Chad searches desperately for a solution, the fawn struggles to free itself, which only traps it further beneath the fence. To make matters worse, no other vehicles seem inclined to stop and help, even though Chad is clearly trying to get the attention of anyone and everyone he can. Chad decides he has to take matters into his own hands; he has to give the fawn a fighting chance.

Chad carefully approaches the fawn, so as not to frighten it further, and takes hold of the fence with both hands. Chad musters all his strength and gives the fence an almighty-yank which frees the fawn from the side of the cliff, and the animal takes a short, but very hard fall to the ground. While the fawn is now free, the fight for its life is not over yet. Chad sees that the animal is in need of immediate medical help, so he scoops up the tiny deer, sets it in the cab of his truck and heads into Pendelton to find assistance.

Chad soon finds a Fish and Game officer, who is able to take the fawn away and start the healing process. Chad keeps up with the Fish and Game office to make sure the fawn survives. The officer informs Chad that the fawn is doing well and healing quickly. Because Chad took the time to really look at the world around him, he becomes a genuine hero, especially in the eyes of the tiny fawn who is alive today because of Chad's good heart!

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