While Driving On A Flooded Street A Man Notices Something Strange. He Knows Exactly What He Must do And Becomes One Helpless Creature's Hero

September 09, 2017

A storm is raging in Tallinn, Estonia, and the roads are quickly completely underwater. Everyone on the road is trying to get home or at least find somewhere warm, safe, and dry to wait out the worst of the storm. A small kitten on the sidewalk is trying to do the same. 


Unfortunately, as the storm waters rise, the tiny feline finds it harder and harder to make much progress on her journey. She gets a few feet and then a wave of water splashes over her. The poor thing is fighting a losing battle with the storm!

Just when it seems that there is no hope, the kitten gets a lucky break. Two men driving along the same street notice the sopping wet creature. Knowing they have to act quickly to save the desperate animal, they pull over to the side of the road. One man leaps into action and quickly crosses the road and scoops up the helpless soul. After the storm, the hero makes sure that his stray charge is adopted by a loving mama. Watch this daring flood rescue in the video, below!

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