While Having Fun In His Pool This Gorilla Busted Out Some Hysterical New Dance Moves.

June 23, 2017

If you have ever been to a zoo, you probably have a favorite animal that you have to see while you are there. For some it's the Tigers, for others, it could be the zebras. I have always been fascinated with monkeys, and in particular, big monkeys, like gorillas. Zola, the gorilla in this story would have kept my attention for days on end.

I remember seeing my first gorilla and making eye contact with him. It was a surreal experience. While Zola may not have been interested in making eye contact with many people, he definitely had all eyes on him most of the time! Luckily, cameras were rolling one day when Zola gave the performance of a lifetime.


One day, at the Dallas Zoo, Zola was ready for a swim. Zola had gained popularity around the zoo for his big personality and playful spirit. Zola had a daily routine which included a swim time. Whether that came before or after his morning coffee, remains unknown. 

As the zookeepers took Zola to his pool, he got more excited to splash around. There were few things that Zola enjoyed more than his daily swim. The zookeepers opened the door and Zola hopped into his pool. The water was nice and cool and Zola was a happy camper.


Once in the pool, Zola simply stood in the middle for a few minutes. He wanted to enjoy the nice cool water. He dipped his hands in and out of the water and even splashed around a bit. The pool was not full because the zookeepers had learned just how much of a splash Zola could make.


The zookeepers left Zola alone so he could enjoy his pool time in privacy but obviously left a camera rolling, just in case anything out of the ordinary happened. Thank goodness the camera was rolling, otherwise, we may never have seen what happened next. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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