Owner Begins Laughing Uncontrollably When His Horse Begins Exhibiting This Hilarious Behavior

June 07, 2017

You don't have to be a horse fanatic to appreciate their adorable personalities. They, like humans, all act completely different. Up until my adult life, I spent all my years on a farm deep in the South.

We had horses, cows, dogs, and sheep. It was an exciting way of life! Now as an adult, I still enjoy coming to my family's farm quite frequently.


My favorite horse, Diamond is a stunning sorrel mare. She has a very mellow personality and within moments of meeting her, you instantly fall in love. She always has a sense of meekness about her, with a subtle confidence around the other horses on the farm. 

The horses are the highlight of every trip to the farm and I just adore seeing their unique personalities shine. Dusty, our red roan gelding, is a high-strung, vibrant ball of energy. Everything in life excites him and he's extremely talented at bringing a smile to everyone's face.



I recently came across a story about a horse that reminded me a whole lot of Dusty. This beautiful guy named Root has a fun-loving personality as well. His owner has so many stories to tell about his quirky companion. One, in particular, is a new talent that Root has developed.

While a lot of horses bring giggles galore with their wide-mouthed yawns, Root decided to take mouth tricks to a whole new level!  The first time his owners saw his newfound trick, they couldn't contain their laughter!

Thankfully, they caught this hilarious stunt on camera and the internet has gone crazy over it. Check out the video on the following page to see just what trick Root discovered.


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