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While On Location, Photographer Noticed Something Trapped In Thick Mud! What Happens Next Is AMAZING! [VIDEO]

May 09, 2017

When photographer Krzysztof Chomicz looked out over a vast plane of thick mud, he noticed something in the distance. 

Whatever it was, it was stuck and seemed to be in distress! 

Doing his best to see what it was clearly, the photographer realized it was an EAGLE! 

After calling the local fire department, Krzysztof worked quickly to save the distressed bird! 

Attaching a rope to dry land, the photographer trudged through the thick mud towards the eagle! 

Reaching it, Krzysztof was able to carry the bird back to dry land and transfer it to a local shelter! 

Once the eagle was cleaned off and cared for, the shelter named him Icarus. 

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Krzysztof, Icarus is now being cared for and is getting healthier by the day! 

WATCH the amazing rescue below! 

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